Coffee Bean Direct Dark Brazilian Whole Bean Coffee Review

Coffee Bean Direct, the Company

Roasting, packing, and shipping various coffee bean products at Central New Jersey since 2004, CBD (or Coffee Bean Direct) is in actuality a gourmet coffee roaster and not just a middleman which other people may have thought. CBD creates their own blend of coffee which the company sells regardless of the number of order/s and location. CBD intends to sell their fresh high-quality made coffees not just to individuals who love drinking cup of java at home but also to restaurants, cafés, and anybody else in between. They also supply coffees that are either roasted or unroasted, depending on one’s preference.

To cater all types of clientele, CBD mainly offer their line of coffees in three sizes that are 1 lb, 5 lbs (considered as the most popular bag size), and 25 lbs bag. Coffee roasts also varied from light (cinnamon), medium roast (city roast), French roast, to Italian roast.

CBD also sells leaf teas in different variants and sizes.

CBD Dark Brazilian Whole Bean Coffee

It is known that Brazil is the biggest coffee producing country in the world considering that it is able to generate an amount of 22.5 million bags of coffee beans according to the U.S. National Coffee Association (1997-98 crop years). Prominent coffee bean products are Bahia and Bourbon Santos.

CBD offers its very own version of 100% French roasted Brazil Santos coffee blend that is primarily described as having richer, fuller, and balanced flavor with low (to medium) acidity. Due to Brazilian bean’s natural “softness”, CBD takes pride to having the smoothest dark roasted coffee blend which the company manufactured.

Also, if you purchase a 5 lb pack of CBD Dark Brazilian coffee, expect that it is freshly roasted before packed in a 4-ply foil valve bag that is heat-sealed to ensure long-lasting coffee bean freshness.

If you want to try a sample of CBD Dark Brazilian coffee blend, you can purchase its 1lb bag that is also foil packed which contains one-way air valve. The 25 lbs packaging comes in a plastic-lined burlap bags that are intended for business use.

Deliciously Dark

For most who have tasted the rich flavorful blend of CBD Dark Brazilian coffee, there’s no better word to express their satisfaction by describing the product as something “good”, “tasty”, “great”, “excellent”, and even “superior” coffee brand just to sum it all up. The beans were freshly packed and delivered fast by Amazon. It has a distinct bold and stronger taste that most of its buyers frequently mentioned and loved.

However, there is one customer who was not that delighted with the CBD Dark Brazilian coffee blend, said that it was bland similar to a commercially made coffee. But other than that particular comment, the rest of the Amazon reviews were 4 to 5 star rated.

Best Deals at Amazon

The CBD Dark Brazilian Whole Bean Coffee can be easily ordered in Amazon in 5 lbs pack. The price of the product is discounted and can be shipped for free via Amazon’s Super Saver Shipping. And, you can also save an additional 15% more if you choose to subscribe and save. Still, shipment is free under this condition, no obligations and no risks. Shipment weight is about 4.8 lbs.

Dark Brazilian Santos, Whole Bean Coffee, 5 Pound Bag

Brazil is the largest coffee producer in the world, and offers beans to fit just about every taste. This dark roasted version of our Brazil Santos coffee brings a fuller, richer flavor to this low acid bean. Because of the inherent “softness” of this Brazilian bean, it proves to be our smoothest dark roast coffee.

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